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Alumni Spotlight

With such a tight job market, many professors and advisors often hear students ask, "What can I do with a history major?" The following men and women illustrate Department Chair Dr. Kennedy’s contention that "History students receive a classic liberal arts education that can serve as a stepping stone for nearly any career, whether in education, law, government, journalism, or business." Through the history department, students learn valuable skills, including "adaptability, broad knowledge, analytical and research abilities, and excellence in written and oral communication, that employers find attractive."

  • Portrait of Corey Cox

    Corey Cox

    B.S. History and Philosophy '09

    Corey notes that he did not choose history as his major because of job opportunities, but because of his "passion for the subject and the way that it shaped my thinking as a person." Following graduation, his degree and passion for politics and social justice led to him pursue varied opportunities. He earned his Master's Degree this past May from the John Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) where he studied International Economics and American Foreign Policy with a concentration in economic policy. Cox believes his ISU experience taught him to think critically and gave him excellent oral and written communication skills which applied directly to his master's degree coursework and interest in politics and legislation.

  • Portrait of Tim Frank

    Tim Frank

    M.S. History '94

    Tim is the Chairman of the American arm of the Chinese company Sany Heavy Industry, a $12 billion company that is #1 in China and #6 in the world in heavy equipment. His responsibilities include research and development, production, and sales and service in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Latin America. Frank's advice to students today is to "do what you love. If you love history, go with it. You will use the skills you learn in history. Maybe you will be a history professor, but maybe you will be an astronaut. Don't feel like you are wasting your time; it will be useful."

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