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A professor helps a group of students with their assignment.

History Minor

Dig deeper into the history you’ve already started to love. At Illinois State, we have a huge variety of topics to study - whether it’s Ancient Greece or the Modern Middle East, you get to tailor your minor to focus on your favorite parts of history.

Why Study History?

A history minor goes well with any major on campus. Whether you realize it or not, you’re getting transferable skills in research, writing, and critical thinking. These are the kinds of things that will set you apart in your career.

You only need seven classes to get a minor in history, with four of those at the 200-300 level. History at Illinois State is unique - whether you’re skyping with students in Cairo, studying abroad, or getting your work published in our history journal Recounting the Past. You will be challenged and rewarded with our small class sizes and engaged faculty.