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Major In History

The department offers two undergraduate major sequences and four minors.

Students may major in History with either a teaching or non-teaching sequence.
Those in the teaching sequence will be eligible to receive state certification in all of the Social Sciences and History at the AP/Honors level.


Minor options include:

  • History, History Education, African Studies,
  • African-American Studies, and Urban Studies


The History Department also provides instruction as part of minors in:

  • Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies
  • Women’s Studies, Environmental Studies
  • Ethnic and Cultural Studies
  • Interdisciplinary Studies, International Studies
  • Latin American Studies


B.A. or B.S.

*Students seeking a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in History must complete 12 hours of credit in a foreign language (LAN 111, LAN 112, LAN 115).

A Minor is recommended for students in the History non-teaching sequence seeking the B.A.; those choosing not to pursue a minor must complete a 9-hour concentration in an area other than History and Foreign Language, with at least three hours at the upper-division level.

Students seeking a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in History must complete a minor in an area other than History or Foreign Language. In addition, students must complete one extra Science, Math & Technology class beyond the Associate's Degree or General Education.

Although the department offers the Bachelor of Science option, we strongly recommend that students who are serious about the study of history pursue a Bachelor of Arts Degree.


Major in History Requirements

The History Major requires 36 hours*

Students enrolled in the History Major must take:

  • The introductory United States History sequence (HIS 135 and HIS 136)
  • The introductory European History sequence (HIS 101 and HIS 102)
  • Doing History (HIS 200)
  • Senior Seminar (HIS 300)

Each student must also have 18 hours of History electives.  Fifteen hours must be in upper division courses (200 or 300 level, also called Senior hours).  Of the senior hours, six hours must be at the 300 level.  For their last elective, students must choose HIS 111,   HIS 112, HIS 131, or HIS 104.  If students choose HIS 104, they may also use it for their Outer Core-Humanities in General Education.  (Of the 18 elective hours, six must be  non-western.)


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