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Guidelines for the Midterm Progress Report, Final Essay, Log and Supervisor's Evaluation

Students serving as interns and registered for HIS 398 or HIS 498 must submit a midterm progress report and a final paper regarding the experience. Students must also keep a log of the time spent on the internship. Students should request that their supervisors send he departmental internship advisor the brief summary evaluation described below.


Progress Report

This midterm report, which should be 3 to 5 pages in length, should summarize what you have so far done in your work as an intern. The paper should include a description of your actual experiences. Your report should also include an interim analysis of the experience. Describe what you have been doing and discuss your impressions of what has been occurring around you. How does the program you are working with function? How do the tasks you are assigned assist the site in meeting its objectives. In what ways and how much are you benefiting from your internship so far?

DUE:Fall semester, Columbus Day; Spring semester, Friday before spring break; Summer term, contact internship advisor.


Final Essay

Your final paper, 8-10 pages long, should build upon your progress report. It should include a full description of the tasks that you completed as well as a description, analysis, and assessment of the program you worked with. That analysis might consider what the program was trying to achieve, what strategies your sponsors had adopted, how the tasks that you were assigned fit within the program, and how the program and institution illustrate its particular area or speciality within the historical profession (or if appropriate, another profession or type of business). In other words, place the tasks you were to do in context and ask yourself what you have learned.

DUE: Fall and Spring semester, Wednesday during finals week; Summer term, July 31



Students are to maintain a log of the time spent on the internship, including the activities undertaken and the number of hours devoted to them. This log should accompany both the midterm report and final paper when they are turned in to the internship advisor.


If you are to receive credit for your work as an intern, both the progress report and the final paper, accompanied by a copy of your log, must be submitted by the declared deadlines and be of at least reasonable quality.


Supervisor Evaluation

All interns should request their site supervisor to send to the History Department's internship advisor a brief summary evaluation toward the end of the semester when the internship is completed. Superviors may write a letter or email of one-three paragraphs, or they may use the attached internship evaluation form. In either case, please send the assessment or any questions pertaining to it to Dr. Alan Lessoff at



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