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Departmental Honors

The Honors Program in the Department of History is a competitive program designed to provide a unique opportunity for the most outstanding history and history education majors to pursue a significant research project and work closely with an individual faculty member. Admission to the program is by invitation or application.

In addition to class work, the honors student will complete an undergraduate thesis based on primary source or historiographic research undertaken with the guidance of a faculty member of the history department. The thesis may expand work done for another course as long as the thesis is sufficiently developed to be considered significant new work. All class work for the program must be completed before the term in which the thesis is written.

The completed thesis should be of publishable quality, and may be printed in Recounting the Past (the department’s journal), published on the honors program’s web page, or in another appropriate forum. Students are required to present a synopsis of their work at either the annual History Department Honors Colloquium or at the Undergraduate Research Symposium, or to defend their work before selected faculty members.

Some past theses have included Stitching Social Change: An Evaluation of Women in the 19th and 20th Century Garment Industry; Modern Jewish Historiography Concerning Medieval Jews; The Middle East from Mohammad to the Present; Kwame Nkrumah and Ghana;s Struggle for Independence: 1947-1957; and The Juvenile Court Act of 1899: Debasement of a Dream.

The program will distinguish outstanding students who intend to pursue graduate or professional training after graduating from Illinois State University. Students who intend to become teachers are also strongly encouraged to participate in the program. Students who successfully complete the program will receive departmental honors at graduation, a designation that will appear on their diploma.
For further information, please contact Professor Kyle Ciani.


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