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Graduate Program

Over the past several years the Department of History at Illinois State University has developed a challenging and unusually flexible masters-level graduate program. We encourage our students to explore not only American, European, ancient history, and the histories of South America to the Far and Near East, but also to take courses outside of history in other disciplines as they decide what careers they might pursue or as they develop their credentials in existing careers. The forty to fifty full and part-time students in our program graduate very well positioned to make use of their degrees in a variety of different ways.


Interested in applying? Our admissions page gives all necessary details to help guide prospective students through the admissions process.

Degree Requirements

Whether a student is full or part time, whether he or she is working or not or just out of an undergraduate program or retired from one profession and hoping to enter another, our students can, for all intents and purposes, design their own course of study. Find out what is required to obtain a degree from the History Department's graduate program.

Scholarships & Awards

Graduate students in the History Department have the opportunity to obtain different scholarships and awards for academic excellence.

Assistantships & Financial Aid

The History Department offers multiple ways for graduate students to obtain Financial Aid, whether it be through assistantships, tuition waivers, or other means.

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