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Course Listing

The following courses are being offered for current semester. (Note: This list is updated the Thursday before classes begin.)

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InstructorClass NumberSectionCourse TitleClass TimesRoom NumberCourse Links
Kathryn Jasper HIS101.01Western Civilization to 1500 M W F 11:00 - 11:50SCH 0242
Richard Soderlund HIS102.01Modern Western Civilization M W F 10:00 - 10:50SCH 0244
Agbenyega Tony Adedze HIS104.11History of Africa T R 09:35 - 10:50SCH 0244
Louis G. Perez HIS104.21History of East Asia T R 12:35 - 13:50SCH 0244
Larissa Kennedy HIS104.22History of East Asia M W F 09:00 - 09:50CVA 0145
Douglas Cutter HIS104.31History of Latin America M W F 13:00 - 13:50SCH 0242
Douglas Cutter HIS104.32History of Latin America M W F 14:00 - 14:50SCH 0242
Patrice Olsen HIS104.33History of Latin America T R 14:00 - 15:15SCH 0242
Issam Nassar HIS104.41History of the Middle East M W 15:35 - 16:50SCH 0242
Janice Jayes HIS104.42History of the Middle East M W 14:00 - 15:15SCH 0244
Sudipa Topdar HIS104.51History of South & Southeast Asia M W 09:35 - 10:50SCH 0103
Hemanth Kadambi HIS104.52History of South & Southeast Asia T R 14:00 - 15:15SCH 0114
Sudipa Topdar HIS104.53History of South & Southeast Asia M W 11:00 - 12:15SCH 0103
David Johnson HIS111.01American Diversity,Contested Visions of the U.S. Experience M W F 09:00 - 09:50SCH 0242
Tina Brakebill HIS111.02American Diversity,Contested Visions of the U.S. Experience T R 11:00 - 12:15SCH 0244
David Johnson HIS111.03American Diversity,Contested Visions of the U.S. Experience M W F 10:00 - 10:50SCH 0242
Richard Hughes HIS111.04American Diversity,Contested Visions of the U.S. Experience M W 12:00 - 13:15SCH 0207
Alan Lessoff HIS131.01American Culture,Traditions and Texts T R 11:00 - 12:15SCH 0104
Roger Biles HIS135.01History of the United States to 1865 M W F 09:00 - 09:50SCH 0112
Amy Wood HIS136.01History of the United States Since 1865 T R 14:00 - 15:15CVA 0149
Daniel Stump HIS200.01Doing HistoryI an Introduction T R 11:00 - 12:15SCH 0102
Amy Wood HIS200.02Doing HistoryI an Introduction T 17:00 - 19:50SCH 0103
William Reger HIS200.03Doing HistoryI an Introduction M W 09:00 - 10:15SCH 0207
Georgia Tsouvala HIS221.01Ancient History Rome M W 11:00 - 12:15SCH 0204
Kathryn Jasper HIS223.01The Middle AgesI 1100-1500 M W 13:35 - 14:50SCH 0207
Katherine McCarthy HIS230.01The Contemporary World M W F 10:00 - 10:50SCH 0246
Richard Soderlund HIS231.01English History to 1688 M W 14:00 - 15:15SCH 0204
Christine Varga-Harris HIS234.01Imperial Russia T R 09:35 - 10:50SCH 0246
John Reda HIS243.01The Early National Period, 1787-1815 T R 12:35 - 13:50SCH 0211
Ron Gifford HIS246.01Civil War and Reconstruction 1848-1877 T R 11:00 - 12:15SCH 0106
Stewart Winger HIS253.01American Constitutional History T R 14:00 - 15:15SCH 0204
Toure Reed HIS258.01Afro-American History Since 1865 M W 12:00 - 13:15SCH 0215
Kyle E. Ciani HIS262.01History of Women in the United States Since 1865 M W 15:00 - 16:15SCH 0215
Agbenyega Tony Adedze HIS266.01Modern Africa T R 11:00 - 12:15SCH 0108
Sudipa Topdar HIS267.01Modern South Asia M W 13:35 - 14:50SCH 0215
Louis G. Perez HIS275.01History of Japanese Civilization T R 09:35 - 10:50SCH 0212
William Reger HIS278.01United States Military History M W 12:00 - 13:15SCH 0203
Anthony Crubaugh HIS287.01Independent Study   
Agbenyega Tony Adedze HIS287.02Independent Study   
HIS287.03Independent Study   
Roger Biles HIS287.04Independent Study   
Tina Brakebill HIS287.05Independent Study   
Suzanne Broderick HIS287.06Independent Study   
Kyle E. Ciani HIS287.07Independent Study   
Linda Clemmons HIS287.08Independent Study   
Douglas Cutter HIS287.09Independent Study   
Amanda Eisemann HIS287.010Independent Study   
Jenny Freed HIS287.011Independent Study   
John Freed HIS287.012Independent Study   
Ron Gifford HIS287.013Independent Study   
Andrew Hartman HIS287.014Independent Study   
Mary Hollywood HIS287.015Independent Study   
Richard Hughes HIS287.016Independent Study   
Kathryn Jasper HIS287.017Independent Study   
Janice Jayes HIS287.018Independent Study   
David Johnson HIS287.019Independent Study   
Hemanth Kadambi HIS287.020Independent Study   
Larissa Kennedy HIS287.021Independent Study   
Ross Kennedy HIS287.022Independent Study   
Alan Lessoff HIS287.024Independent Study   
Katherine McCarthy HIS287.025Independent Study   
Issam Nassar HIS287.026Independent Study   
Monica Cousins Noraian HIS287.027Independent Study   
Patrice Olsen HIS287.028Independent Study   
Katrin Paehler HIS287.029Independent Study   
Louis G. Perez HIS287.030Independent Study   
John Reda HIS287.031Independent Study   
Toure Reed HIS287.032Independent Study   
William Reger HIS287.033Independent Study   
Richard Soderlund HIS287.034Independent Study   
Daniel Stump HIS287.035Independent Study   
Sudipa Topdar HIS287.036Independent Study   
Georgia Tsouvala HIS287.037Independent Study   
Christine Varga-Harris HIS287.038Independent Study   
Fred Walk HIS287.039Independent Study   
Stewart Winger HIS287.040Independent Study   
Amy Wood HIS287.041Independent Study   
Monica Cousins Noraian HIS290.01History-Social Science Teaching Methodology I T R 14:00 - 15:15SCH 0214
Monica Cousins Noraian HIS290.02History-Social Science Teaching Methodology I T R 09:35 - 10:50SCH 0214
Anthony Crubaugh HIS291.01Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Agbenyega Tony Adedze HIS291.02Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
HIS291.03Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Roger Biles HIS291.04Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Tina Brakebill HIS291.05Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Suzanne Broderick HIS291.06Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Kyle E. Ciani HIS291.07Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Linda Clemmons HIS291.08Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Douglas Cutter HIS291.09Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Amanda Eisemann HIS291.010Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Jenny Freed HIS291.011Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
John Freed HIS291.012Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Ron Gifford HIS291.013Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Andrew Hartman HIS291.014Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Mary Hollywood HIS291.015Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Richard Hughes HIS291.016Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Kathryn Jasper HIS291.017Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Janice Jayes HIS291.018Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
David Johnson HIS291.019Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Hemanth Kadambi HIS291.020Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Larissa Kennedy HIS291.021Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Ross Kennedy HIS291.022Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Alan Lessoff HIS291.024Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Katherine McCarthy HIS291.025Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Issam Nassar HIS291.026Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Monica Cousins Noraian HIS291.027Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Patrice Olsen HIS291.028Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Katrin Paehler HIS291.029Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Louis G. Perez HIS291.030Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
John Reda HIS291.031Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Toure Reed HIS291.032Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
William Reger HIS291.033Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Richard Soderlund HIS291.034Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Daniel Stump HIS291.035Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Sudipa Topdar HIS291.036Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Georgia Tsouvala HIS291.037Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Christine Varga-Harris HIS291.038Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Fred Walk HIS291.039Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Stewart Winger HIS291.040Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Amy Wood HIS291.041Undergraduate Teaching Experience in History   
Anthony Crubaugh HIS299.01Independent Honor Study   
Kyle E. Ciani HIS299.07Independent Honor Study   
Alan Lessoff HIS299.024Independent Honor Study   
Ross Kennedy HIS300.01Senior Seminar in History T R 08:00 - 09:15SCH 0102
Roger Biles HIS300.02Senior Seminar in History M W F 10:00 - 10:50SCH 0203
Kyle E. Ciani HIS300.03Senior Seminar in History M W 09:00 - 10:15SCH 0204
John Reda HIS300.04Senior Seminar in History T R 09:35 - 10:50SCH 0104
Ron Gifford HIS300.05Senior Seminar in History R 16:35 - 19:25SCH 0246
Anthony Crubaugh HIS301.01Honors Thesis   
Kyle E. Ciani HIS301.07Honors Thesis   
Sudipa Topdar HIS307.01Selected Topics in Non-Western History M W 13:35 - 14:50SCH 0215
Patrice Olsen HIS307.02Selected Topics in Non-Western History T 17:00 - 19:50SCH 0204
Georgia Tsouvala HIS308.01Selected Topics in European History M W 14:00 - 15:15SCH 0117
Ross Kennedy HIS309.01Selected Topics in United States History T R 09:35 - 10:50SCH 0215
Linda Clemmons HIS310.01Native American History T R 14:00 - 15:15SCH 0112
John Reda HIS311.01Age of the American Revolution W 17:30 - 20:20SCH 0203
Daniel Stump HIS320.01Lincoln,The Man and His Times T R 15:35 - 16:50SCH 0215
Alan Lessoff HIS322.01American Urban History T R 14:00 - 15:15SCH 0207
Christine Varga-Harris HIS366.01Soviet Russia T R 12:35 - 13:50SCH 0104
Richard Hughes HIS390.01History-Social Science Teaching Methodology II M W 09:00 - 13:30 
Richard Hughes HIS390.02History-Social Science Teaching Methodology II T R 09:00 - 13:30 
Alan Lessoff HIS398.01Professional PracticeI Internship in History   
Anthony Crubaugh HIS400.01Independent Study   
Agbenyega Tony Adedze HIS400.02Independent Study   
HIS400.03Independent Study   
Roger Biles HIS400.04Independent Study   
Tina Brakebill HIS400.05Independent Study   
Suzanne Broderick HIS400.06Independent Study   
Kyle E. Ciani HIS400.07Independent Study   
Linda Clemmons HIS400.08Independent Study   
Douglas Cutter HIS400.09Independent Study   
Amanda Eisemann HIS400.010Independent Study   
Jenny Freed HIS400.011Independent Study   
John Freed HIS400.012Independent Study   
Ron Gifford HIS400.013Independent Study   
Andrew Hartman HIS400.014Independent Study   
Mary Hollywood HIS400.015Independent Study   
Richard Hughes HIS400.016Independent Study   
Kathryn Jasper HIS400.017Independent Study   
Janice Jayes HIS400.018Independent Study   
David Johnson HIS400.019Independent Study   
Hemanth Kadambi HIS400.020Independent Study   
Larissa Kennedy HIS400.021Independent Study   
Ross Kennedy HIS400.022Independent Study   
Alan Lessoff HIS400.024Independent Study   
Katherine McCarthy HIS400.025Independent Study   
Issam Nassar HIS400.026Independent Study   
Monica Cousins Noraian HIS400.027Independent Study   
Patrice Olsen HIS400.028Independent Study   
Katrin Paehler HIS400.029Independent Study   
Louis G. Perez HIS400.030Independent Study   
John Reda HIS400.031Independent Study   
Toure Reed HIS400.032Independent Study   
William Reger HIS400.033Independent Study   
Richard Soderlund HIS400.034Independent Study   
Daniel Stump HIS400.035Independent Study   
Sudipa Topdar HIS400.036Independent Study   
Georgia Tsouvala HIS400.037Independent Study   
Christine Varga-Harris HIS400.038Independent Study   
Fred Walk HIS400.039Independent Study   
Stewart Winger HIS400.040Independent Study   
Amy Wood HIS400.041Independent Study   
Linda Clemmons HIS412.01SeminarI Topics in 19th Century United States History R 17:00 - 20:50SCH 0201
Toure Reed HIS421.01Seminar,Topics in American Racial & Ethnic History W 18:00 - 21:50SCH 0107
Issam Nassar HIS478.01Topics in Global History T 18:00 - 21:50SCH 0107
Anthony Crubaugh HIS490.01Readings -- Field of Study   
Patrice Olsen HIS490.028Readings -- Field of Study   
Toure Reed HIS490.032Readings -- Field of Study   
Christine Varga-Harris HIS490.038Readings -- Field of Study   
Christine Varga-Harris HIS497.01Research in History M 17:00 - 20:50SCH 0215
Patrice Olsen HIS497.02Research in History R 17:00 - 20:50SCH 0204
Alan Lessoff HIS498.01Professional Practice - Public/Applied History   
Anthony Crubaugh HIS499.01Independent Research for the Master`s Thesis   
Anthony Crubaugh HIS499.11Independent Research for the Master`s Thesis   

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